What is WOW

The Center of Excellence in Women’s Health (CoE) works with communities to develop community partnerships. These partnerships reach women of all social economic and ethnic groups and link them to the resources in their community through the Women on Wellness Program. Women on Wellness (WOW) is an interactive, one-day behavioral change retreat designed to help women make lasting, positive lifestyle changes for themselves and for their families. The retreat will give women the tools to assess their own health and build/plan their own journey towards enduring wellness.

With a focus on prevention, WOW stresses that no two women start at the same place and it teaches each retreat participant how to develop and prioritize a set of goals and strategies. Each woman will leave the retreat with her own personal lifestyle plan.

Each participant is provided:

  • A variety of health screenings to help women assess their current health status.
  • Opportunities to try different movement activities and exercises in a safe, fun and non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • Educational sessions led by experts that give women the skills needed to become informed consumers and advocates for themselves and their families.
  • A guidebook written specifically for the WOW retreats.
  • A journal for women to use to support their ongoing efforts after the retreat.
  • Connections to valuable resources in their community.   
  • The knowledge and understanding that her health care provider is a partner in her healthy lifestyle journey.

The goal of WOW is that every participant will leave the retreat with a personalized plan, a wealth of information, the resources to reach her goals, and a renewed commitment to herself and the motivation to continue the process she has started.

We also hope that the knowledge and excitement gained during the retreat will be brought back into their community, providing the foundation for a grassroots effort that can have a powerful impact not only on retreat participants, but on those they care about.

WOW Outreach to Date: WOW has held programs in Wetzel, Mingo, Mercer, Lewis, Marion, Preston, Greenbrier, and Hampshire Counties. WOW has had participants from 36 out of 55 counties in West Virginia. In addition to WV, WOW has had participants from other states, which include Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, and Arizona. To date, the WVU National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health has touched over 3,000 women across the State of West Virginia totaling in over 19,000 screenings offered.