Fun Family Fitness at Blackshere Elementary

 Women on Wellness led a community mapping station at this Spring's Fun Family Fitness night at Blackshere Elementary School in Marion County, WV.  Tuesday, April 19th, students and family members went to multiple workshop stations where they tried out yoga, learned to make healthy smoothies and also visited the school garden. Women on Wellness's mapping station set out to discover what resources are a part of regular life for the participants in Williamson, WV and surrounding counties.  Adults and children were grouped separately, making the maps a lot different. The children drew more bodies of water and green space while the adults focused on resources like doctors offices, restaurants, and churches. Community mapping is a great tool for the National Center of Excellence in Women's Health to reference when planning W.O.W. retreats. For instance, when hardly any parks are mentioned on the maps, or the rail trail fails to be highlighted, it can be assumed that these areas are not being used as healthy living options regularly.  W.O.W. retreats are a excellent means to rediscover what these forgotten spaces can offer and rediscover where healthy living begins in one's community.