Love Your Heart

It may surprise you that 80% of deaths from heart disease can be prevented. 

Ways to be involved:

♥       Take the Wear Red Office Challenge on Friday, February 2, and post your office pic on the WVU Facebook page with the hashtag #wearredday. For more fun, have healthy red food covered dish lunch and take a walking break.

♥       Incorporate heart health into all programs planned during February.

1. Use handouts such as the “CCC Brochure WVU Extension” (email me about additional handouts/topics).

2. Ask your local health department or clinic to offer blood pressure checks.

3. Show a brief video, such as this 3-minute one

♥       Get the word out. Use the attached media materials in local newspapers, radio, and newsletters.

♥       Plan a community program. It can be as simple as you like. See the attached “Celebrate Heart Health Month flyer” and contact me asap about your plans to receive the PowerPoint and a very nice blood pressure monitor (limited supply - first come, first served)!

♥       Host a CPR/First Aid class or show the “Hands Only CPR” video.

♥       Stay tuned for more. Communications will feature heart health information during February on our FB page and website.

Remember, each of us can do something to prevent early death and disability from heart disease.