WOW Spotlight

Meet Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds. 
Specialties: Ayurvedic Body Treatments, Polarity, Reflexology, Sacred Hot Stone, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing Treatments. She will be leading a session on “Why Aromatherapy” at the WOW Women’s Health Day.

Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds is the founder of BlissBlissBliss a full service wellness center in Morgantown, West Virginia. Building thriving communities through wellness and supporting individuals by providing access to as many healing modalities as possible in one place is what BlissBlissBliss is all about. BlissBlissBliss is a grounding space that offers many forms of bodywork including massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, energy work, yoga. Workshops on crystal healing, Reiki certifications and a thriving yoga teacher training program round out the programs. Elizabeth started her business life out with a masters degree in Library & Information Science and worked in the high tech industry for a decade. When she came up for air, she made a radical shift to become a licensed massage therapist, Aromatherapist, yoga teacher, Reiki Master and certified ayurvedic life style consultant.