WOW Spotlight

Meet Heather DeLauter
She will be leading a session on “zumba communicate with Abby lusk too?” at the WOW Women’s Health Day.

Heather is a graduate Elementary Education major at WVU. She fell in love with Zumba after attending for the first time in 2013. Since then, she has been teaching friends and family and made the decision to become a certified Zumba instructor in 2014. “I love making my students smile and feel good about themselves while ensuring that they get the best workout that they can. I absolutely love Zumba and want all of my students to leave feeling the same. I hope to inspire others to be passionate about fitness and dance through my classes. I can’t wait to share my passion with you!” If you have any questions, Heather would love to chat with you about how you can change your life through Zumba Fitness. 

Heather is one of many presenters at the March 3rd Women on Wellness event at the Chestnut Ridge Church. Sessions include health screenings, movement, healthy foods, cooking demonstrations, women’s legal issues, how to start your own business, breast health, self-defense.